At Prestige Martial Arts & Mentorship, we strive to bring out the greatest version of our students. 

Through exemplifying the true art of Taekwondo, our team will teach and mentor students with a purpose of developing their core character and physical fitness. 

We are committed to guiding our students in the direction of achieving success for their future!



Master Nam Ngo began his journey in Taekwondo at the age of 5 and continues to advance his martial arts skills as a practitioner and instructor.

After achieving a B.S. in Civil Engineering at California State University, Fullerton and becoming a Design Engineer, he realized how impactful martial arts molded his success in life, which led to starting Prestige Martial Arts & Mentorship.

He believes there is a significant opportunity in each student to bring out the greatest version of themselves, by applying the same principles Master Nam developed as a child.  

Master Nam's purpose is to educate his students and the community about the values and lessons he has learned.